KLiC Courses in Marathi language

MKCL is pleased to announce that following KLiC Courses are now being offered to the Network in Marathi language as well. The Marathi content for these respective courses can be downloaded from link below.

  1. KLiC Certificate in Desktop Publishing

Link:  http://fileserver.mkcl.org/centerdownload2/Desktop%20Publishing_Marathi.zip

  1. KLiC Certificate in Photo Editing

Link: http://fileserver.mkcl.org/centerdownload2/Photo%20Editing_Marathi.zip

  1. KLiC Certificate in Web Designing

Link: http://fileserver.mkcl.org/centerdownload2/Web%20Designing_Marathi.zip

  1. KLiC Certificate in Desktop Publishing (CorelDRAW)

Link: http://fileserver.mkcl.org/centerdownload2/CORELDRAW_101_Marathi.zip

In addition to release of above courses in Marathi, some part of Web Designing course is being updated keeping in mind the recent developments in field of technology. At present Adobe Flash application forms a part of Web Designing course. Last week Adobe has announced the discontinuation of Adobe Flash since it is no longer used by most of the companies due to security issues and instead of Adobe Flash most of the companies are moving towards and have started adopting the HTML5 standards. Now-a-days it’s a very common practice to access internet on all possible devices (like, computers, laptops, tabs, mobiles etc.). But, as we all know, browsers such as Google Chrome has stopped supporting Adobe Flash content. Also, mobile browsers do not support flash. And very importantly, responsive web design doesn’t recommend use of Flash. Due to which, the trend in the web design market is moving towards HTML5 and CSS3. Keeping this in mind, we also have made changes in our web designing course, which now will include Adobe Photoshop, HTML basics, HTML5 and CSS3 and Dreamweaver and so the Adobe Flash part in Web Designer course will be replaced by HTML5 and CSS content, so that all our learners are exposed to the new technology & standards as and when they are being adopted across the market. 19 Challenges activities and 2 Assignment activities that were earlier included in Flash content will be now replaced with 19 Challenges and 2 Assignments based on HTML5 and CSS content. The specific content for HTML 5 and CSS for Web Designing course can be downloaded from the  link below for Marathi . The Marathi course content link provided above already includes the HTML & CSS content for Marathi language. Other than this change there is no any change/modification in rest of the syllabus for Web Designing course.

Link: http://fileserver.mkcl.org/centerdownload/19.zip  (95 MB)

In addition to above information, we have added some new nodes in English & Marathi language for the above courses. This additional nodes include information and answer to some of the basic questions that comes to mind of the learners when they take admission for our KLiC Courses. The above 3 links already includes this new content for both English and Marathi language.

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KLiC Certificate in Desktop Support content Released.

KLiC Certificate in Desktop Support content Released.

Dear Network Partners,

We have released ‘ KLiC Certificate in Desktop Support

You can download the eContent for this RBM from link given below:


(Size : 392 MB)

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ERA “Gandhi Jayanti” Background.  ERA Gandhi jayanti backgrounnd

Steps to install this “ERA Gandhi Jayanti” background.

1.Reinstall ERA Update, (If you already reinstalled it and have “Swacch Bharat Abhiyan / Independence Day Background” theme then skip this step)

  1. Download and run this exe file on server machine.

Click here to download Gandhi Jayanti background exe file

  1. Clear history and cookies of your web browser.
  2. Open ERA login page and enjoy the beautiful background ! :)
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Maha IT Genius eTest 2015 – FAQ PDF

Dear Network Partners,

Kindly download Maha IT Genius eTest 2015 – FAQ PDF from following link

http://fileserver.mkcl.org/centerdownload/Maha IT Genius eTest 2015-FAQ.zip

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A Beautiful change in ERA!

Dear All,

First of all, wish you a very Happy Independence day! India will be celebrating the 69th Independence Day this year.

On this auspicious occasion, we are very excited to share that now onwards you will see some amazing changes in ERA.One of them we have released yesterday (11th August 2015).

Just reinstall ERA update from MKCL Updater (Reinstall Pervious Updates) and our Learners will see the beautiful ERA login page (Check the first image given below).

Also, on the occasion of the Independence day, we are making available Independence day background. (Kindly check the second image below.)

It can be downloaded on 12th August 2015 after 3PM from below link:



Kindly share this with all the ALCs

If you like it , please mail at erasupport@mkcl.org

We are waiting for your feedback! :)




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Additional content for following courses

Dear All Network Partners,

We have released some additional content for following courses.

Kindly download this content from following link.

For WAVE certified Desktop Publisher

http://fileserver.mkcl.org/centerdownload2/CU_Desktop%20Publisher.zip                            (Size – 184 Mb)

For WAVE certified Graphic Designer

http://fileserver.mkcl.org/centerdownload2/CU_Graphic_Designer.zip                            (Size – 181 Mb)

For WAVE certified Tally Expert

http://fileserver.mkcl.org/centerdownload2/CU_Tally_Expert.zip                                    (Size – 391 Mb)

For WAVE certified Web Designer

http://fileserver.mkcl.org/centerdownload2/CU_Web%20Designer.zip                                    (Size – 411 Mb)


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KLiC Certificate in Desktop Publishing (CorelDRAW) content Released.

Dear Network Partners,

We have released ‘ KLiC Certificate in Desktop Publishing (CorelDRAW)

You can download the eContent for this RBM from link given below:


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