Maha IT Genius eTest 2015 – FAQ PDF

Dear Network Partners,

Kindly download Maha IT Genius eTest 2015 – FAQ PDF from following link IT Genius eTest

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A Beautiful change in ERA!

Dear All,

First of all, wish you a very Happy Independence day! India will be celebrating the 69th Independence Day this year.

On this auspicious occasion, we are very excited to share that now onwards you will see some amazing changes in ERA.One of them we have released yesterday (11th August 2015).

Just reinstall ERA update from MKCL Updater (Reinstall Pervious Updates) and our Learners will see the beautiful ERA login page (Check the first image given below).

Also, on the occasion of the Independence day, we are making available Independence day background. (Kindly check the second image below.)

It can be downloaded on 12th August 2015 after 3PM from below link:


Kindly share this with all the ALCs

If you like it , please mail at

We are waiting for your feedback! :)




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Additional content for following courses

Dear All Network Partners,

We have released some additional content for following courses.

Kindly download this content from following link.

For WAVE certified Desktop Publisher                            (Size – 184 Mb)

For WAVE certified Graphic Designer                            (Size – 181 Mb)

For WAVE certified Tally Expert                                    (Size – 391 Mb)

For WAVE certified Web Designer                                    (Size – 411 Mb)


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KLiC Certificate in Desktop Publishing (CorelDRAW) content Released.

Dear Network Partners,

We have released ‘ KLiC Certificate in Desktop Publishing (CorelDRAW)

You can download the eContent for this RBM from link given below:

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डेटा अपलोडिंग सोलूशन

We have released solution for our current ongoing issues namely Data Uploading and Course Syncing.

To solve these issues, you need to reinstall ERA update.

Kindly follow below steps to reinstall update:

  1. Open MKCL Updater
  2. Click on ‘Reinstall Previous Updates’. (Update installation will start)
  3. After update installation, kindly do data uploading and course syncing if you were facing any issue in it.

Please note:

  • This is compulsory for all ALCs.
  • After this update installation, you can see a change in ‘Course end’ feature. Instead of learner password, ERA will ask LF ERA password for end course confirmation.


  1. Learner data failed to upload’ message while uploading the data is coming because large data is pending on your server machine. Another reason can be unstable internet connections on sever machine. So if you are facing this message even after reinstalling update, kindly upload the data multiple times (at least 5-6 times).
  2. There is some possibility that even after update reinstallation, you may face an issue in course syncing. Primarily the issue may be due to access rights OR internet connection. Kindly give full access to ‘Apache Software Foundation’ folder and also check your internet connectivity.
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MFS BBA Preparatory Course Content Download Link

Dear Network Partners,

You Can Download MFS BBA Preparatory Course Content from following Link


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ERA अपडेट SU-8 इन्स्टॉल कसे करावे.

१) SU८ अपडेट ची zip फाईल या लिंक वरती दिलेली आहे.

२) ती फाईल दिलेल्या पुढील लोकेशनला पेस्ट करा.

     For 64 bit OS

                     C:\Program Files(x86)\Apache Software Foundation\Tomcat              7.0\webapps\ERA\resources\Updates

     For 32 bit OS

C:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\Tomcat 7.0\webapps\ERA\resources\Updates

३) MKCL अपडेटर सुरु करून Get updates वर क्लिक करा.

४) अपडेट इनस्टॉलेशन प्रोसेस चालू होइल. कमीत कमी २०-२५ मिनीटे लागतील.

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